Since the first week of BCM300, Noah, Kris, Emily and I have had a very similar outlook on the various games we played. This has made the experience of creating a prototype, a much easier goal as we all quickly decided on the theme of ‘Murder/Mystery’. Hence, our game is called ‘Murder in the Hay.’

This game was mainly inspired by the game ‘The Resistance’, which we played a couple of weeks into the semester. We found that the rules and mechanics of this game became an inspiration for ours; the intensity, competitiveness and manipulation. The idea of having secret identities in The Resistance was a major component when thinking of the mechanics for our game prototype. The ‘spy’ in The Resistance has a similar quality to the ‘murderer’ in our game; where the players don’t know who the murderer is at the start of the game but will start hinting at who it is whilst playing.

As we have decided on a farmyard setting we have chosen eight farm animals to represent the players. The farm animals are trying to discover who the murderer is before they kill the farmer. There are abilities and chance cards to add challenges to the game and chips to decide who the murderer is at the beginning. Kris and Emily cover the rules and theme of the game in more depth on their blogs!

The ‘murder’ theme we are going with for our game may be too complex for any child under 12 years of age so our audience will be 12+ years. This allows us to follow through with our initial, dark theme for our game. Whilst researching, it was clear the murder/mystery games were popular and are rated well. Our audience will then be broadened to those who are interested in games with a similar style to Cluedo, Orient Express, Mysterium and Detective: City of Angels as shown in the lecture from Week 3 (Themes and Mechanics). In contrast to this dark theme, it will also have the aesthetics of a farm, such as the bright colours, cartoons, farm animals, which are all appealing to children.

Noah and I are in charge of the illustrations of the game. As we both have an interest in art/graphic design and the skills to work with adobe programs, we will be creating the illustrations. The idea is for them to be vibrant and have more of a cartoon aesthetic; similar to the game Archer.


The cards (ability and chance cards) will be of high quality, plastic weighted, which may be more expensive for our final product. We want each piece of the game to be elegant and well-illustrated, especially as the design of a game is the first thing you see when deciding on what to play. Each farm animal will have their own card to be given to a player, we have decided a different personality for each animal which we will use as basis for our illustrations of them. E.g. Podge the Pig (as a suss police officer), Dwayne the Dog (aspiring rapper) and Shia the Sheep (shy).

As for the board game, we have sketched some ideas of different versions we may use. We will have different locations of the farm such as the pen, the paddock and river; our drafts can be shown below. Depending on adjustments to the game before our prototype pitch, we will change the look of the board on what works best.


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