Pitch (Perfect) Reviews

  • Marcus Lazarevski – @Qantasdaily

Marcus’ pitch discussed his idea to continue his previous digital artefact and adapt it to the Future Cultures subject. He shares content from his workplace, (Qantas) as a ground crew member at Sydney Airport.

My review on this pitch was to mainly give suggestions on how he could use the ‘future’ theme for this task and explore it more. There was a lack of discussion on the future which was surprising to me as majority of the project is done. It is such an interesting idea, but he needs to do a lot more research and have an idea on how he is going to actually adapt to the ‘future.’ My comments provided links to different Instagram pages from all around the world that had a similar idea to Marcus’ which will hopefully give him some inspiration for his posts. As I read back at his pitch, I should have also shared some useful academic sources to help with his research into this.

You can find my comment on Marcus’ pitch here.



  • Callum Harvey – Digital Media Society

Callum’s pitch discusses his role as President in the Digital Media Society, the evolution of this club and their engagement with UOW students. They aim to provide students with advice and the opportunity to ‘improve skills and technology literacy.’

My comment was quite positive as I believe Callum mentions everything necessary for this task. He sounds very passionate and has been constantly engaging with his audience for some time now. I made a few suggestions for his future plans with this society; to share his content with other Universities that have similar clubs and societies like DMS and would be interested in collaborating in some workshops or for those that are interested in the content they provide. I also proposed for the DMS to record their workshops and put them online for those students at other Universities or for those who could not attend. Another thought was to scope out some online sources that would benefit their content like a website or tutorials on YouTube which Callum responded by saying he and his team have had similar ideas and may occur in the future.

I would love to see more happening in the Digital Media Society in the near future, I can see this becoming even more popular than it already is.

You can find my comment on Callum’s pitch here.


  • Josh Crawley – Novums

Josh’s Digital Artefact is an Instagram page where he is planning on exploring different novums of the past, present and future. He has a clear outline of how he is going to present his information and provides purpose to his Digital Artefact as he constantly references his ideas to the future. He has chosen an idea that has lots of elements to explore, allowing for plenty of content to be created.

My comment included two links: a blog post exploring a novum that was created as a helmet and allows the user to feel everything the other person (that they are viewing) is feeling and a pdf that highlights the importance of novums and their interpretation of contemporary art. I feel they are both relevant sources and hopefully help further Josh’s research for this Digital artefact. I am interested to see what Josh comes up with to post on his Instagram page.

You can find my comment on Josh’s pitch here.



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